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K Boz ([personal profile] bozzz) wrote2017-01-14 01:01 pm

2017 Bingo Boxes for Hockey RPF

rimminganonymitydaddy kink
bdsmfirst timefucking machines
pegging/strap onsimpact playsize kink

for kink


Team: Pittsburgh PenguinsAU: Road TripPlayer: Carey Price
AU: Take Your Fandom To WorkTeam: San Jose SharksShip: Eric Staal/Jeff Skinner
Team: St Louis BluesPlayer: Patrick SharpAU: Fake Dating

for everything else. I'l back-link to the completed products, either on here, or on AO3 if I feel like posting them on AO3 -- I'm setting a minimum word-count of 2k for an entry to count as complete. That's arbitrary and of my own doing.

Also, hi. I think this is officially my first post here. Feels weird to be back.