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Heyo All Caps buddy!

Ya got me.

Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, you're writing me a gift, and like all gifts, the ones that you feel like you're able to best craft are usually the best gifts of all, so roll with the punches and go wherever your heart takes ya. If it resembles some of the food for thought in this letter, wooo! If it doesn't? Wooo!

Some super general likes and dislikes:

LIKES: Magical realism, D/s themes (but like, the less structured the better -- formal BDSM isn't my favorite thing), bondage (but see prior), horror, ghosts, fables, AUs of almost any kind, always-a-girl, desperation, trope inversion, unexpected intimacies (ex: one person washing another's hair, painting someone's nails, giving someone a haircut, changing someone's bandage, etc.), impaired sex (ex: on drugs, sex-pollen, magical compulsion), character development through porn

DISLIKES: Rape, MPREG, wing-fic (although idk see trope inversion above, you could make it work if this is really your jam), straight-up fluff, over-negotiated sex of any kind, sexual humiliation, scat? do I even need to say this here? IDK just in case fam


Justin Williams/André Burakovsky

I mean, Burkie being a precocious little shit, Willy being just laconic enough to let Andre think he's going to get away with just about anything until he just -- decides to not let him anymore. You can run their dynamic as platonically or as sexually as you'd like, yo; porn is never mandatory per se, but I'd give a strong hell yes to anything D/s or even Daddyish if you wanted to go in that direction. Double hell yes if Justin has some Feelings regarding the age difference between them.

On the total other hand, if you want to take this a totally different direction -- legitimate mentor/mentee relationships would totally be appreciated, hockey universe or erstwhile; cop AU where maybe Burkie's exhausted every other partner with a combination of not quite taking things seriously enough and maybe running a little too soft when it comes down to brass tacks, and yeah, now Williams -- Hawaiian shirting, lazy shark, maybe a little burnt, maybe a little crooked -- is the end of the line, stuck dealing with what no one else wants to.

Or something totally different, man, whatever you want. The key here for me personally is that Andre -- either aware or unaware -- realizes that Justin's approval is important to him, and Justin maybe likes that more than he's really comfortable with.

Braden Holtby/Nate Schmidt

BOY IF YOU GOT ME BECAUSE OF THIS, BLESS YOU -- Nate just so obviously makes everyone around him happy, and I'd like to believe he especially enjoys making Braden happy; Braden has a lot on his plate not just because of That Goalie Life, but because he's clearly in his head a lot, as admitted as much on camera, and Nate has a particular talent for keeping Braden present.

Not to be like anything for this pairing will make me happy, but anything for this pairing will make me happy. Especially since it's about to go to the seventh circle of rarepair hell, thanks Vegas.

Things that will make me extra super happy though: Braden being driven to the point where he honest-to-God cannot help himself around Nate -- through teasing, fake-married, magical compulsion, pollen, I do not care one bit. I want to see Braden's composure break (in either a good or bad way, boy am I not picky in this regard). Coffee Shop AUs would be super welcome, because the idea of Braden the Barista -- overly composed but internally bitchy AF about idiotic or uncouth orders -- gives me life. Braden the village witch, and Nate the overly charismatic fighter who keeps coming to him for enchantments despite the fact that his hut is always out of the fucking way. There are very few stories about these two I would not read -- anything that essentially boils down to Braden letting himself be dragged into shenanigans by Nate because he just doesn't know how to say no to Nate will make me <3

Jay Beagle/Tom Wilson

Jay Beagle as the literally unsung glue of the Caps bottom six -- meets a disconsolate Wilso postpartum from the Latta trade and has the season-long job of taking Wilson who's become shuttered, somewhat testy, and just generally a little more unfriendly around the edges and getting him back on track. Not because anyone's really asked him to do it, not in so many words, but he takes his job centering the bottom six about as seriously as Nicke does the top six.

This can be as simple as Beags tying up Wilso -- it can go further, in an AU, as Tom getting more and more reckless, and Jay finding him his responsibility, his job to reel back in.

Or something entirely different! Beags got a GWG mid-season against Detroit (which iirc was a 1-0 game) which resulted in the hug to end all hugs from Wilso on the ice, like jesus:

Let's see him getting rewarded for it -- or even for his magnificent intercrease shut down of Crosby in Game 6 this past playoffs.

Nate Schmidt/Tom Wilson/Michael Latta

SO OK -- if you could have these three doing dumb things together, like -- have you ever seen Ghost Adventures? GHOST HUNTING AU, but like, in the most obviously non-haunted and idiotic fashion possible, taking awful, body-harming risks, because they are exactly not that smart.

Or hell, crime family AU, and one of them's a traitor. Or these idiots -- in space! Or all three of them as TAs for the same professor in college. I just want all the shenanigans.

The important thing is for them to get into all sorts of goddamn trouble. It can be serious trouble -- they're all fundamentally the same people, but sincerely morally corrupt, or it can be lighthearted. I will totally get on this ride with you if you want to make them honestly terrible people. I will so get on board with you and hold your hand and scream in delight. But going super dark is also totally unnecessary.

I'd like to believe that Latts and Willy only work with some kind of mitigating force, and not everyone is up to the task -- see Andre. Which is fine, and maybe it's really not work for Nate, or maybe he gets something out of it, like the fact that he can make them work is deeply fulfilling for him, because he likes being the necessary intermediary.

Cool cool. So, there ya go. I'm done blathering. A top 10 of tropes/AUs since I mentioned I LOVE THEM without any sincere degree of specificity:


1. Coffee Shop AU
2. Cops/Criminals AU
3. Teacher/Student AU
4. Fake-Dating/Fake-Exes AU
5. Any Mythological/Supernatural Creature AU
6. Ghost Hunting/Detective AU
7. High School AU
8. "I answered your internet ad and that was a terrible idea" AU
9. Witch/Wizard AU
10. Dystopian AU

I also love plenty of others, too.

ILU BB, and no matter what you write, thank you -- thank you -- for taking the time to participate this year.

Date: 2017-09-29 12:23 pm (UTC)
tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (Default)
From: [personal profile] tiptoe39

I was assigned your prompts for the Caps Exchange AU and am 5000 words into writing the coffee shop AU of your dreams, but work has decided to kick my ass and I've had to default. I am so sorry. I hope you get a pinch-hit on this, but please know that I FULLY INTEND to finish and post this fic as a gift to you, I just can't do it on the existing schedule.

You can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, or AO3 as tiptoe39 if you have any questions. Sorry & thanks.


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